Listening to BBC Radio 3 in Concert? 

What is it about?


Our study investigates involuntary musical imagery (‘INMI’) in everyday life situations, like being in a concert, or listening to music on the radio. What we ask from all our participants is to complete a few questionnaires before and after listening to music, in order to access whether they have the same music in their head afterwards. All our questionnaires are very short (3min each), with the exception of the general information questionnaires (10min).


Last Saturday we have been at the Bridgewater Hall, at the Mark Simpson, Mozart and Mahler concert from the BBC Philharmonic orchestra, collecting data from members of the audience.


Since you are about to listen to the broadcast of the same concert online we ask you to kindly take part in our study, and help us unravel the mystery of earworms! 


INMI is the technical term used to describe the music that comes into your head without you having recalled it consciously (the word ‘earworm’ is also used for the same experience). INMI may take many forms: it may be playing in the back of your mind, it may be intrusive, it may be pleasant, it may be looping, etc. Whatever the shape or form of your INMI, we would like to know about it, with as much detail as you would like to share. For the purposes of this research, we are inviting you to notice your experience of INMI when it happens, and report in on our after-listening questionnaire. 


All opinions and experiences are welcome and very valuable to our research, as we are looking to record all possible experiences of INMI. 


What to do:


First, we ask you to read our information sheet by clicking the Information sheet & consent button below and agreeing to take part in this project.






The second form to fill in is the Pre-listening questionnaire, to be filled in ideally before listening to the broadcast (but you can complete it after listening as well).





The third questionnaire we ask you to fill in is the After-listening questionnaire, as soon as you finish listening to the broadcast.

The fourth and last questionnaire we ask you to complete is the Day after questionnaire to assess whether you had music from this programme in your head.

We also ask you to (anonymously) fill in a questionnaire with general demographic details and information regarding your music listening habits. (This one can be completed whenever you have time) 


Between the questionnaires, we simply ask you to pay attention to whether you have any music in your head and report it in the questionnaire.


You do not have to have any music in your head, it does not mean anything for you or the project if you do not, so please do not feel obliged to have and/or report it. We are merely observing if and when involuntary musical imagery occurs, so you only have to report it when it does.


Information sheet & consent